There is an old axiom which states that “old is gold ”. It has been proved many times. But fashion is something which does not stay for anyone. A shoe which is in fashion at the moment, become old fashioned in the next two hours. That is how the fashion industry works. But talking about the 90’s, the case is completely different. The era of the 90’s has its own place in everyone’s heart. Be it any Bollywood star or be it a common man.

Probably that is the reason why the 90’s trends never went out of fashion. Whether we talk about the era of boy bands or the spice girls, one can never have enough of the 90’s. Be it Rekha’s elegant saree look or Hema Malini’s tomboyish look. They had that grace in themselves which make people fall for them again and again. Believe it or not, the 90’s have created some important and never-ending fashion trends. Nobody in the fashion industry has ever believed that will come back with such a big bang.  It seems like it is coming back with all the best one it has.

We are living in an era which has individuality. Here is some 90’s pattern which is back with a pro version.

Loose off shoulder blouses:-

Flaunting your shoulder with those beautiful off shoulder blouses can flatter anyone around you. Pair it with your boyfriend jeans and you are ready to rock the party.

White denim suspender:-

White colour can never lose its importance in fashion. And denim knows how to make its way in the wardrobe, and when both these combination are combined together in a suspender, it will rule the stage.

Skater dress silhouettes:-

Skater dress has its own importance in every era. Be it 90’s or 2019. It had made its place in every decade and is back with more styles and prints.

Striped earth-toned maxi dressed:-

After it’s appearance in DDLJ, where Kajol and SRK first met in the movie, girls have made it their signature dress. Whether they have planned for a perfect date or just wanna hang out with their girl gang. Maxi dresses are considered essential in a women’s wardrobe.

Denim on denim:-

Denim is something which one can opt in any season and on any occasion. It can never lose its importance. And the trend of denim on denim is high in demand nowadays in the fashion world. For a single time, it got hid because people thought it was ridiculous. But! All we can see is denim is back sweetheart! Back with it’s pro version. One can spot denim jackets a lot on the streets already. And do not forget about denim jeans. All we can say is that denim is ruling.

Black crop tops:-

Crop tops have a special place in a women life. Whether one has to opt for a pool party or a road trip. One can always trust a crop top for that.


Track pants and casual t-shirts were the ones considered as only night suits. But slowly they made their way in the gym and now they are all over the streets. Millennials are preferring it for almost every party or night outs.


Dungarees or jumpsuit are now getting preferred by the young generation a lot. However, there was a time when only Salman Khan had that guts to wear it on the screen in Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. At that moment it was not known at all. But soon people had made it a new trend.


By wearing a skirt a woman is making a bold and beautiful step in India. It got defamed when it was first worn by Sharmila Tagore in An Evening In Paris. But soon it made its way back to the fashion street by its oh so cute look.

Sweat pants:-

It was previously used only in the gym because of all the comfort it provides to the wearer. But, slowly it became the trend when John Abraham started using it in  Dostana. It lights a fire in the industry and now it is considered as a “Wardrobe Essential”.

All we can say that 90’s can never lose its importance.