In the past 10 years, the rapid growth of the internet has completely changed the presentation of the e-commerce revolution in every industry including the fashion industry. With the evolution of the social world and mobile phone applications, the percentage of online purchases have increased, especially in apparel fashion which is becoming a trend worldwide. Introduction of e-commerce in the fashion industry is experiencing worldwide growth in all the developing countries. The fashion industry has always been the muse for different kinds of innovations, many technological breakthroughs, innovative business concepts, and marketing strategies thereby increasing online retail sales. E-commerce is enabling luxury brands to be more accessible to consumers around the globe and contributing a significant part of the global economy.

Nowadays, consumers focus is rapidly shifting from traditional ways of buying clothes to desktops and mobile applications, as consumers are reliant on the usage of the internet that is using smartphones to cater to their every need. The fashion industry is constantly being updated with innovative features which will benefit both retailers and consumers. The use of the Internet has revolutionized the fashion industry, bringing about a number of advantages including customer loyalty, inventory management, and enhanced brand image. Moreover, companies are finding mobile applications as a new medium through which they can generate additional revenue.

E-commerce fashion revenue is constantly on the rise worldwide, with various innovative technologies being utilized by fashion brands to increase revenue and expand their market share. Consumers prefer online shopping as their first reference as they offer a wider variety of products, provide excellent customer experience and convenience. It has been seen that internet business provides a playing field to all the fashion brands. A small enterprise has equivalent opportunities when compared with a major design retailer, regarding online sales. Statistics demonstrate that about 192 million buyers will enjoy online shopping, and attires and jewelry are the most happening classifications for the same. The Internet has made the world a little place now. It has encouraged long-distance communication procedure less expensive, quicker, and simpler. Today, the internet has helped business houses to take into account a worldwide gathering of people with no real speculation. Design business houses can keep up a site to sell their items online. The association of the web isn't just constrained to deals and showcasing an item. It is additionally utilized in dealing with the processes of the organization as well.

Digital innovation and rising globalization are changing the way consumers spend nowadays. This has heaved the fashion industry into the midst of seismic shifts. The online presence of various brands is providing exposure and access to unique products that are difficult to find locally for consumers. The ability to customize your outfit according to your needs that is a particular kind of fabric, fit, or style is also

providing an impetus to increased online sales. The Internet is expected to penetrate the fashion segment of the market completely. E-commerce has become a significant part of fashion brands in a worldwide market. Research has also indicated that apparel sales on e-commerce portals have exceeded expectations, surpassing sales in all the categories. Further growth in the fashion industry is anticipated due to emerging markets.